With a team of experts in research, business strategy, and the application of the latest segment-specific technology, BRIDGE RESEARCH was created to provide actionable intelligence that helps shape their clients' strategic business plans. Initially focused on the telecommunications market, including mobile and fixed telephony, television and broadband, our portfolio today includes market leaders in these areas. Every year we expand our services throughout the greater Brazilian marketplace.


We stand out by generating sector-specific business strategies that understand the reality of the market, and its expanding and increasingly complex dynamics. The unique behavior of early adopters and generational differences, as well as the methods and tools for user-generated content, are factors to be considered in our studies addressing the issues. In addition to their contemporary nature, our business strategies endeavor to anticipate the behaviors and reactions influenced by technological advances within the consumer marketplace.


Bridging the gap between sourced consumer information and its practical business application, BRIDGE bases its work on some essential pillars: industry expertise, advanced technology and personal service.

In each project, a team specialized in a particular customer segment recommends the best techniques, procedures and search technologies so as to guarantee speed and thoroughness of the analysis. Further, engaging fully in the client's varied dynamics forges a unique strategic partnership that adds value to the overall result of each project.